Sean A. McAlister Is The Vice President Of Digital With Victory Media

November 22, 2015
Sean A. McAlister has been in place as the Vice President of Digital with Victory Media since March of 2015. After less than a year in this position, he has certainly proven his worth by taking on a range of large responsibilities and driving dynamic change. He is also a Principle Digital Marketing Strategist with Matrix Media and has been since taking that position in 2002.

For more than twelve years, Sean A. McAlister has engaged in digital marketing consulting—communicating with numerous unique clients during that time. He places a special emphasis on performance-driven direct response marketing and business development initiatives. Sean A. McAlister is not someone who got where he was by only specializing in one niche. He has specialized in digital media, e-commerce, galvanizing high profile relations, developing and then executing sales strategies, and taking aim at corporate objectives and accomplishing them.

Sean A. McAlister believes that if a digital team can't be driven to accomplish the objectives of the venture, this it is not properly integrated or it lacks successful leadership. To that end, Sean A. McAlister develops and leads high performing, cross-functional global teams that understand how to develop and utilize relationships with clients so as to maximize success. They leverage their core strengths to accomplish their aims.